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Digital Mystikz - Haunted / Anti War Dub album

Digital Mystikz - Haunted / Anti War Dub album
Performer: Digital Mystikz
Genre: Electro
Title: Haunted / Anti War Dub
FLAC album size: 1930
Style: Dubstep
Country: UK
Released: 2006

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Haunted, Anti War Dub. Critic Score.

Опубликовано: 12 нояб. 2008 г. Digital Mystikz - Haunted.

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Digital Mystikz Anti-War Dub (Original Mix). play) (pause) (download) (fb) (vk) (tw). Digital Mystikz Anti War Dub (Compa Refix). Digital Mystikz Anti War Dub Ft. Spen G. 05:53.

Anti War Dub. by. Digital Mystikz. Haunted, Anti War Dub. DMZ 2006. Main genre: Electronic, Dance.


Haunted 4:03
Anti War Dub 6:22


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
dmz007 Digital Mystikz Haunted / Anti War Dub ‎(12") DMZ dmz007 UK 2006
DMZ 007 Digital Mystikz Haunted / Anti War Dub ‎(12", W/Lbl) DMZ DMZ 007 UK 2006
dmz007 Digital Mystikz Haunted / Anti War Dub ‎(2xFile, MP3, 320) DMZ dmz007 UK 2006
MZD007 Digital Mystikz dmZ007 ‎(12", Ltd, TP, Unofficial, W/Lbl) Not On Label (Digital Mystikz) MZD007 UK 2013
M2D 007, MZD 007 Digital Mystikz dmZ007 ‎(12", Ltd, Unofficial) Not On Label (Digital Mystikz), Not On Label (Digital Mystikz) M2D 007, MZD 007 UK 2013

from a mala interview - "I think it was in 2005. I remember him coming, sitting at my car at the end of the road. He was like, “Yeah, I done this tune. It ain’t finished yet, but have a quick listen to it. It will be finished next week.” And DMZ was next week. He played me this tune here. I just started cracking up laughing, because instantly I heard what it was going to do to people’s minds, just because of what it done to my mind."
Go and buy the Warrior Dubz CD for a fiver and get this pressed for yourselves. Granted it won't have the other tunes on, but at the end of the day if you're buying this version then you can't care about it that much XD
No repress for Anti War Dub - Mala confirmed this way back in a Red bull Music Academy interview.My heart sank.
absolute must have for any serious vinyl collector. proper wax history right there - this take me right back to breezeblocks dubstep warz.this needs a repress really really really bad....
Am i the only one who prefers Haunted to Anti War dub ?
totally man ! haunted is the tune...haunted and triple six are cokis best work imo.
Love both of the tracks to death. I don't prefer one over the other because they both carry completely different vibes where as one is a deadly banger and the other is a more mellow and syncopated chill out track.
Nope. I never really liked Anti-War dub that much, it's all about Haunted for me, which I think is hands down one of Coki's best tunes
haunted over anti war dub anyday,dont get me wrong anti war dub is mad but i feel it gets played too much,still a classic but haunted is a lot better
Brought this in late 05 I think was 5.99 lol from mixing records always used to get dubplates cheaper than most cos was djing upstairs on mixing radio me and my pal mc t virus had a grime slot for like 2years ive met iron soul floops plasticman to name some but why peeps charging some next price for this I will never kno dubstep not my thing but j sweet sed trust me there aint many so I brought a copy it is kinda early dubstep the time of slaughtermob and kromestar BIG UP J SWEET AND THE MIXING FAMILY .
spot on, its A all the way :) people only blow their own trumpet when no one else will.
Sorry JORDAN but not sure (a) the point your trying to make about the release in this paragraph other than the prices now and (b) what you're actually saying other than biggin' yourself up and who you know? Not meaning to diss but it does come across badly
Yeah so you wanna sell me it then bruv?
This is fucking unreadable, put some punctuation marks in there m8.
You can see the full interview here :
You can see the full interview here :
not relevant
it is shit to talk about piracy of this wax, when you can find this track all over the internet. When you have to start crying about piracy, you shouldnt start here. people who own this record are only afraid of losing their exclusivity and not getting the items selled for 150P+. Its about the music, not about releases and the goddamn money
Church!! Too right and well put, sick of the ego-maniac price ramping BS that goes on this site. What the funk happened to the Discogs community man, shops should be barred imho
amen brother! people need to stop taking themselevs so seriously over a couple of tasty tunes.
I totally understand the intention behind arguments for why this bootleg ruins the exclusivity of the original 12", but I just don't think those arguments hold up in the modern world we live in. Anyone who wants this release can easily find vinyl rips of it, can easily sample it through the many accessible youtube vids, or if they think the vinyl is the only medium that matters for this (which I mostly agree with), they can still buy the damn thing, they just have to have (as of now) £99.99 for a marked up copy of it. There's no exclusivity. Anyone can have it, they just have to be willing to spend £99.99. Don't you think that's more offensive than this repressing? I've tossed around the idea of paying the outrageous prices for the original a few times, though I've never done it. But now I have to ask - who would I rather give my money to? The people who pressed this bootleg, with the supposed intention of letting a wider audience own it without paying £100, or the people are taking advantage of the intended exclusivity to make money by selling it for an outrageous price to someone who would love to own it?Yes, it's piracy. It's a bit of a unique case though - this release doesn't take away from the artists' income, since they've said they will not repress it. I don't think that alone makes this okay. It's a pretty grey area. I haven't bought it because I'm still unsure of where I stand on this. But I don't think it's a black & white morally wrong product like some people are claiming.
Arabella V.
I agree on some levels, but this is vinyl were talking about, and one of the beauties of it compared with mp3, FLAC and CD's is that you can't just download it from mediafire and be done with it free of charge, the exclusivity of it, is sometimes what gives it appeal, just like a Picasso original will always be more desirable than the thousands of reprints and forgery. I agree that £100 is steep, but in the world of vinyl, where records go for tens of thousands of pounds, it's hardly breaking the bank is it, especially given the significance this release had on underground dance music [globally]These bootleggers are not only stealing the exclusivity of the original, but earning money of somebody elses work, in this case Mala, who clearly opposes this process and outspokenly produces music for love rather than financial gain.Pirates are selfishly making money off this vinyl's desirability, which is no way justifiable, whether this record sold for 10p or £10,000 is irrelevant.
Heard this vinyl today & it sounds good quality, I was just a bit surprised at mala's comment about 1 pressing cause to my understanding there are 3 pressings - the white label, the 1st general release & then the repress? I'm not sure if this unofficial repress/bootleg thing is a great idea tho, really it's making money off of someone else's work.I thought it was a rework but it's the original tracks with a vocal/speech intro - quite, well very surprised!! In a way it's good cause people can own a sought after vinyl (who's price has been increasingly bumped up, to stupid levels)!! but on the other hand it's blatant piracy!! Unless in the end, it turns out to be a dmz side project or something unofficial but given clearance.Need to see this press release sheet.
That press release sheet is pretty ridiculous... Seems pretty inflammatory to include the sample of Mala saying the release will never be repressed and then jock the hell out of him on the press sheet "We know it was a controversial decision to cut and press this record and as huge followers of the DMZ religion it wasn't taken lightly" What a load of crap... If ya'll were seriously "huge followers of the DMZ religion" you would NOT go straight against Malas' intention that this not be repressed and then spit in his face again by actually including a sample of him PUBLICLY STATING this on your completely illegal bootleg rip. Wow, you should probably feel great about yourselves.
Mala knows who bootlegged it and has a copy himself. Don't think he is too bothered to be honest
freakie129At the beginning of this record is part of an interview with Mala from RBMA saying this record will never be repressed.If you'd have bought this you would have known that hahaI bought a copy out of pure curiosity (I have a copy of the original and the MAH copy) and the quality of both tracks is quite good.I do not condone bootlegging but look up dub plate culture and you'll learn a thing or two.
So it sounds about the same if not exactly the same as the original press? Just wondering
"I do not condone bootlegging BUT..." ...but that's EXACTLY what you are doing by purchasing this "release"... And I don't even know what you are getting at with the "dub plate culture" remark...
A good tribute to the original, its not trying to steal its thunder, but infact giving people like me who dont want to spend hundreds on a vinyl the opportunity to have it in my collection. sound is nice and clean and doesnt feel or sound cheap at all, a pro studio obviously has played a big part in this remake thankfully.must have!
Prince Persie
anyway you could scan or take a full photo of the "press" sheet that came along with it?
Agree 100%.
Has an introduction to each track with a short description from mala at the red bull music academy. The pressing is as good as the original, the sound quality is great. Has a little extra bass EQ to make it punch a bit better. I would recommend this if you can not get hold of an original press. 10/10
Ye i take back what i said about the EQ thing. may have just been because i never heard it on vinyl before this.
The bass difference is not noticeable by me, although it does sound pretty clean :-)
Where did you pick it up?
lol, @"a little extra bass EQ"... does really not seem legit. I seriously dont think a vinyl plate can handle more bass, than there is on the original vinyl version.
amazing track. still remember the first time i heard it out! pure vibes! never bothered to get a copy back in the day cos i didnt have a vinyl player... who can be arsed with these prices? you can get ancient hardcore / jungle masterpieces for well under a £5 :-|. selling for more than £20? aint nobody got time for dat
I didn't know dubsteppers were all secretly millionaires....?! Love these tunes but cmon if there was two presses with over 2000-3000 copies in circulation, anyone paying this kind of money for these tunes needs to get a grip on reality!
Just to clear shit up - this was repressed, I sold copies in my record shop (Rubbish & Nasty, based in New Cross, London round '07). It may not have been crazily available, but it def got a second (and maybe even third) press. They were also selling the represses in Soul Jazz. The prices being charged are crazy, and really not a good investment. Buy a grime white label from '01 - '02 for £3 if you're the kinda guy who likes to speculate on music... #JusSayin
greed style
In Mala's RBMA lecture he says that there was around 2000-3000 copies pressed total in 2 pressings, and that the record will never be repressed. Not rare, but held on to, DMZ007 is a timeless classic that will be played out for years to come. Glad I have the chance to share my copy with partygoers today.
This is a good one, Anti War Dub is a beautiful track. I remember playing this out my window in the summer the year it came out; it fits that vibe perfectly. Then you have Haunted which was (and remains) a ridiculously heavy tune. Shame its a collectors item now as I'd be a less inclined to play it outside.
Sadly it won't be repressed. Mala's logic...
Mastered by [email protected] Mastering
Absolute Gem! I don't think any release epitomises both ends of the spectrum that Mala and Coki have so easily built and represented in the scene. Anti War Dub with its timeless, colossal, dust-buster of a baseline with those o so powerful words echoing over the top never fails to get the lighters out. Haunted never fails to get your screwface out. HEAVVY TUNE. There is due reason for any young vinyl connoisseur to be a little in awe of this record, and even more so to see it in someones collection. This is definitely one for the wall, you don't want to scratch this.
no record is for the wall
Everybody who didn't give this 5 stars is confused.
It's all about Anti War Dub for me. Tune! Good luck getting a copy...
Haunted! Big Tune, This was one of the first ever dubstep songs i heard on a mock video of dubstep that someone uploaded to youtube, ever since i have been addicted to this song and its dark twisted mood it brings every time i listen to it. i always find my head nodding backwards and forwards to the sound of the dark bass line which hits on every beat of the bar and doubles up at the end which leaves you quite dizzy if you are trying to skank to this one hah, on the flipside to this is anti war dub whihch is not really my cup of tea but it has got a very distinctive beat and one of the weirdest; but most natural sounding drum pattern and shuffle i have heard in dubstep, and the realistic snare sample helps to enhance this also. the vocal sample aswell is good and helps to give it that "roots" feel that it sounds like its trying to achieve. whenever i look at the price of this vinyl i almost cry as its so so much as there really wasnt that many pressed as mala likes to keep things rare i read once, i have seen a few go for sale on here and they ranged between £40 - £90... gutted i will never own this, whoever has got this go and play it for me haha Lewis
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